Before and After School Care

Community Child Care Inc. is providing before and after school care at our school for grades 1-5.  We are pleased to partner with them, and appreciate the experience they bring, already operating programs in four other Rocky View Schools.  Here is some of the basic information:


  • Hours: 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Cost: $450/month
  • Professional Learning Days: Care will be provided on Instructional Days only, and will be closed over the Christmas Holidays, the Family Day Week in February, and Easter break.
  • Phone: 403-829-9501 to contact them at the school if you have any questions
  • Email: please use the information below

    Here is a message of introduction from the care provider:

    Community Child Care provides a safe, secure and trusting environment in which children can develop and grow at their own pace. Creative and stimulating activities are planned which encourage social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth and well being. Each child is encouraged to participate in a variety of activities, but each child's choices and level of involvement are always respected. Community Child Care’s goal is to promote positive self-esteem within each child at the centre, while fostering self-discipline and independence. As part of its management philosophy, the centre seeks to provide staff with an enriched environment in which they can develop professionally and employ their knowledge and skills. Positive communication between staff and parents also is considered to be of utmost importance, both for the maintenance of an optimal environment and as a model for the children.  Limited space is available.
    Please call 587-433-1647 or email for more information.

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