Welcome to the Pre-K page!


My name is Sara Spence. I am thrilled to be joining you and your child on their journey through Pre-K this year at Cooper's Crossing School.  I have been a teacher with Rocky View Schools since 2014 and am passionate about early childhood development and play.  I believe in creating multi-sensory experiences in which children can explore their interests, feel joy and experience success in their learning.  Young children's work is through play and it is through play that children can develop the skills they need to be lifelong, happy learners. The best conditions happen when the school, home and community supports children. This is what happens in Pre-K and one of the things that make the program as effective as it is joyful.

For more information about Pre-K  for children age 2.8 years to 5, please go to Rocky View's website at the following link.

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