Principal's Message

Diana Logan


September, 2023

Staff and students at Cooper’s Crossing School are so excited to begin a new school year full of learning, creativity, and engagement with the world around us. We are settling into new routines this fall and we couldn’t be happier to be active participants each day in our homerooms, at recess, and during special events.

As we begin a new year, we always look back fondly, identify areas for growth, and celebrate our successes. We have much to celebrate at Cooper's Crossing School! It is a vibrant learning community with caring and skilled adults setting a positive tone for learning. As we refine our practices to support all learners, we are embarking on a focus called, “Positive Behaviour Supports and Interventions.” Through that, we have refocused our Character In Action plans and we have created school-wide positive behaviour expectations to help guide our students in making great choices in every space throughout the day. We will share more information on this work in the coming weeks and months. In the month of September, all classes will be working on learning to, "Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible." You will likely hear your children talking about what this means. They may even receive a “Gotcha!” ticket for demonstrating safety, kindness, responsibility, or specific character traits. Please ask your children and their teachers questions to learn more about this new initiative. As well, taking time to read weekly teacher newsletter emails and reading our regular Friday Cooper’s newsletter will explain our efforts to support students in growing their leadership and learning skills.

Cooper’s Crossing School staff and students look forward to a wonderful year of inquiry, creativity, growth, and community connections! Stay tuned for regular updates!


Kind regards,


Diana Logan
Principal, Cooper's Crossing School

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