Principal's Message

Starting Strong

My name is Todd Hennig, and I am so pleased to have the opportunity to work with the students, parents, teachers, support staff and community friends that form this amazing school family at Cooper’s Crossing School. As nice as it is to have a  new building, it’s really the people involved and the passion they bring that makes a school special.  And no one brings more passion than early elementary students, their parents, and the teachers who love teaching them!

Starting Strong…  these are words that are resonated for me as I anticipated the opening of Cooper’s Crossing School. It took strong teamwork as all stakeholders came together, bringing their best to develop a shared vision for our school. Now we have the joy of building on that foundation by providing:

Strong Relationships: All children are treasures (sometimes diamonds in the rough), and absolutely need to know that they are loved unconditionally - no matter what. These relationships must be the foundation for all learning and the entire culture of the school. Because we value children, we take the time to get to know who they are as learners and people, and we work to meet their needs, setting them up for success. At the same time, we must nurture strong relationships throughout our community: between student and teacher, teacher and parent, student and student, school and community.  When relationships matter, everyone is valued, supported and celebrated.

Strong Literacy and Numeracy: There are certain skills that have always been and always will be critical for success, and among those are the abilities to confidently read, write and understand numbers. We will work hard to provide every child with a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy, both a deep understanding of the concepts and the ability to put that understanding into practice.

Strong Connections with the Real World: These basic, essential skills of literacy and numeracy must fit the context of the real world, and learning must be grounded in real-life, meaningful experiences. The world is rich with opportunities for exploration, discovery, and inquiry. It provides the ideal canvas for students to apply and share what they have learned. Providing students a strong start means giving them the skills necessary to succeed in this complex and ever-changing world, including the abilities to communicate in many ways and collaborate with others. We want to nurture critical thinking and creativity.

Strong Character: Just as the foundation of learning is relationship, the foundation of a successful life is character. As a school we must not only concern ourselves with academics, but also with the building blocks of strong character that help individuals cultivate lives of integrity, where young people learn how to make wise decisions for the right reasons. Strong character helps us all apply what we learn in ways that positively impact others, equipping us for lives of citizenship.

Strong Leadership: We know that all students have the ability to be leaders, to wisely use their gifts, skills and talents to courageously serve others in their homes, schools, community and world. What a privilege it is to help young students recognize the leaders they are, and to give them the opportunities and skills to impact their world in positive ways.

I am so pleased to be the principal here, helping all of our students start strong in their educational journey.


Todd Hennig,
Principal, Cooper's Crossing

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