School Fees

2019-20 School Fees

In the Spring of 2017, the Government of Alberta enacted new legislation and regulations related to the fees schools can charge families for various items related to school life.

Permissible Fees - Fees that are permissible relate to: optional course fees, activities and field trips, extra-curricular activities, non-curricular travel, supplies, materials and services, lunch supervision and activities, and other fees to enhance education.

Annual Fee List - Under the new regulations, schools are now required to establish all fees prior to the end of June for the following school year. Fees approved by the Alberta Government are:

2019/20 School Fees

Please Note: For field trips, team, clubs, etc. RVS will only invoice families based on the actual costs of incurred. For optional course fees, applicable revenues and expenses are to be tracked for each course for which a fee has been established. At the end of each school year, if revenues exceed expenses by more than $10 per student enrolled in the course, the school shall refund the surplus funds to the parents of each student.


Parents are encouraged to pay school fee via School Cash online. Invoices for fees will be electronically distributed.

School Cash Online – Parent Registration Handbook

Waivers & Refunds

Every school has a waiver and refund process. Upon receipt by the school principal of Form AF5105 Waiver Application parents of students who provide a copy of Goods and Services Tax (GST) credit notice with the names of dependent children listed, will qualify to have their fees waived. Waiver is applicable only to School Established Optional Course Fees. The deadline for submission of Form AF5105 Waiver Application to the school principal is June 30th of the current school year. School principals are responsible for the establishment of a refund procedure for students who are enrolled for a portion of the school year.

AF5105 Waiver Application

Field Trips at Cooper's Crossing School

We ask that when you pay for field trips, you pay online.  Please note that in most cases, field trip fees are non-refundable if the child is absent on the day of the trip.  This is due to transportation costs being shared by all expected to attend, or if the school needs to pay up front for participants whether they are in attendance or not.

However, if your child will be on vacation or having a pre-planned absence, please notify the teacher in advance on the permission form so the child can be removed from fee payment.

Please see above information under "Payment" to set up your child on School Cash Online.

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