Staff Information

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Administration/Front Office

Mr. Todd Hennig Principal RVS Email
Ms. Rachelle Prud'Homme Assistant Principal RVS Email
Mrs. Sandy Derksen Secretary III RVS Email
Mrs. Tracey Canuel Secretary II RVS Email



Teaching Staff

(Grade assignments are subject to change at any time without notice.)

Mrs. Kara Brownlee Kindergarten (KB am/pm) RVS Email
Mrs. Linda Taylor Kindergarten (KT am/pm) RVS Email
Ms. Ashley Burndred Grade 1 (1B) RVS Email
Mrs. Michelle Leafloor Grade 1 (1L) RVS Email
Mrs. Karen Mackay Grade 1 (1M) RVS Email
Ms. Caitlin Campbell and Mrs. Justine Knight Grade 1/2 (12C) RVS Email RVS Email
Mrs. Jesselee Beauparlant Grade 2 (2B) RVS Email
Mrs. Jennifer Chen Grade 2 (2C) RVS Email
Ms. Terri Franks Grade 2 (2F) RVS Email
Mr. Dwayne Russ Grade 2/3 (23R) RVS Email
Mr. Tim Baker Grade 3 (3B) RVS Email
Mrs. Joanne Kohler Grade 3 (3K) RVS Email
Ms. Kari Rushinsky, formerly Mrs. Stockwood Grade 3 (3R) RVS Email
Mrs. Jan Bourns Grade 4 (4B) RVS Email
Mr. Blair Larson Grade 4 (4L) RVS Email
Ms. Christiana Van Ysselsteyn Grade 4 (4V) RVS Email
Mrs. Jillian Irvin Grade 5 (5I) RVS Email
Mrs. Diana Smith Grade 5 (5S) RVS Email
Mr. Daniel Ulmer Grade 5 (5U) RVS Email
Mrs. Andrea Todd-Osika Music RVS Email


Name Role Email
Mrs. Bev Miskiman Lead Learning Support Teacher RVS Email
Mrs. Heather Cronyn Bolton Lead Literacy Teacher RVS Email
Mrs. Trena McKinnon Child Development Advisor RVS Email
Mrs. Kayla Daubert Learning Assistant RVS Email
Mrs. Danielle Domshy PUF Assistant RVS Email
Mrs. Barb Drouin Learning Assistant RVS Email
Mrs. Carolynn Martin Learning Assistant RVS Email
Mrs. Kim Mizera Learning Assistant RVS Email
Mrs. Melissa Putzi Learning Assistant RVS Email
Mrs. Vicky Renaud Learning Assistant RVS Email
Mrs. Shauna Simpson Learning Assistant RVS Email
Mrs. Leah Stevenson Learning Assistant RVS Email

Preschool Intervention Program (PIP)

Mrs. Gretchen Riel Teacher RVS Email
Mrs. Elaine Lidstone Assistant RVS Email
Mrs. Cindy Meagher Assistant RVS Email
Mrs. Amanda Sashuk Assistant RVS Email

Learning Commons / Technology

Mr. Marvin Campos
School Technologist RVS Email
Ms. Chelsea Wilkesheski Learning Commons Coordinator RVS Email


Facility Operations / Custodians

Mr. Carlos Alvarado Artiga Lead Custodian RVS Email
Mrs. Debi Atkinson Night Caretaker RVS Email
Mr. Derek Dumont Head Building Operator RVS Email
Ms. BJ Holfeld Daytime Caretaker RVS Email
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