Learning Commons

Cooper’s Crossing School Learning Commons area weaves through the building, providing multiple and flexible spaces to support classroom learning. Daily, the learning spills out into the learning common as individuals, small groups, whole classes, or multiple classes used the various spaces. For a layout sketch of the space, see the end of the document.

Here is a brief tour of the different spaces that make up our Learning Commons:


This area is set up with soft flexible seating that is organized as an amphitheater around a large, round carpet. At the front is a white board and projector. This area can be used for: • Guest speakers presenting to multiple classrooms at the same time (EMS, Police, etc.) • Grade three classes doing reader’s theatre for the kindergarten students • Leadership talks for grade groups • Student presentations to classmates or other audiences • Musical mini-concerts (it is situated right outside of the music classroom)


This area is set up with soft seating. It is an area we have invited parents to use if they want to gather together during the school day (after they sign in at the office). It is also an area for students to come and do some interactive, conversational learning. This area is also situated right outside our Child Development Advisor’s office, so it used by her for students who need some extra support with social/emotional needs.


There are ledges built along windows that face into our gymnasium, so we have high benches for students to sit at. Students can complete work here, or observe what is happening in the gym. This has been especially helpful for students with special needs as they can observe social interactions in the gym and be coached to recognize different situations (interactions, emotions, etc.). Also, during assemblies, students with sensory issues are able to still be part of the activity through this observation space, but not be in the middle of the crowd.


Our Maker Space is furnished both with planning tables and chairs, and standing work tables. We have equipped the area with tools and supplies to allow students with varied building and creating experiences. There is also a projector and white board to assist with the planning and documenting process.


The Home Reading Collection is consolidated in the Learning Commons, right outside the Learning Support Classrooms, and right beside the Learning Commons Facilitator’s desk. All students come to this common area to “book shop” (exchange their books). Our Learning Commons also houses our Literacy Collection. The shelving forms two distinct carpeted reading areas, with soft seating in the middle. Shelves are low, allowing clean sight lines in the space and many surfaces to display books chosen thematically. The shelving is all movable, allowing flexible changes to the space, for example during the Scholastic Book Fair when the Literacy Area became a book store.


(Collaborate and Play) The last space is our community lab, made up of 5 colour-coded tables and two restaurant-style booths. This allows space for small groups of students to collaborate on learning projects, work with learning assistants or do individual work. This space is also equipped with collaborative games and robotics to encourage community building, critical thinking and collaboration. This is also where we will store our art supplies, and teachers can bring classes of students out to do art projects in this area.

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