Purposeful Learning

As a school, we commit to bringing joy to learning and rich learning experiences for all students.

Specifically, classroom instruction will include:

  • strong commitment to student reading, writing and math skills
  • development and practice of 21st Century Skills, student competencies
  • focus on the core concepts included the Alberta curriculum
  • clear, accurate, timely and fair communication of student learning based on the Alberta curriculum
  • instructional experiences that take into account and flexibly adapt to the needs, progress and interests of the students (making learning for everyone)
  • hands-on and interactive opportunities for students to practice curiosity, explore new ideas, hone new skills, and create new understanding
  • meaningful opportunities for students to connect their learning to the real-world (making learning real)
  • emphasis on sharing both the learning process and the products of the learning journey with parents and others (making learning visible)


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