Allergy Practice

Cooper's Crossing is a peanut/nut/shellfish safe and allergy aware school.  We ask that all families refrain from sending food containing any of these items to school in their child’s snack/lunch.

Being allergy aware means that we take precautions to reduce the chance of exposure for students to allergens while acknowledging that it is impossible to eliminate all risk.  Parents who have children with allergies must notify the office in writing and fill out the Emergency Medical Information form.

If there are severe allergies that are not related to the above, these will be indicated in a letter home and on classroom doors.  In classrooms marked with a red “Allergy Alert Notice,” these foods are NOT permitted in the classroom due to the risk of anaphylactic shock.  These foods can be in the school but cannot be brought into the labelled classrooms.  Hand washing is encouraged to ensure allergens are not spread throughout the school.  To reduce the risk of anaphylactic shock through contact with an allergen, food is not allowed on the playground.

If an “Allergy Alert” sign is posted outside your child’s classroom, please consult the teacher before sending treats for the class.

Government Documents

C.A.R.E. - The Alberta government and Anaphylaxis Canada have joined forces to launch the Canadian Anaphylaxis Readiness Education (C.A.R.E.) web-based training program for schools across the province. Teachers and administrators will now have quick access to important and easy-to-understand tips for keeping allergic students safe.

Health Canada Information - Peanut Allergy

Health Canada Information - Tree Nut Allergy






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