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Accessing Student Blogs, Google Drive & Classroom

A step by step guide
  • We’re blogging! Check it out by: This is new to the students but all who were at school on Thursday, February 2 have gone through the process at least once.

    • Go to our school webpage (bookmark it for easy access)

    • Click on the red pencil (student blogs)

    • Click “Link to personal blog” in top box

    • Log in by using personal login information located on the sticker in the front of their agendas

      • NOTE this is their username and password for their academic career while a student in Rocky View Schools (Kindergarten - grade 12)

    • Select their “Learning Journey”

      • Visit takes you to their personal page where you can see the work being done

      • Dashboard takes you to the back end where they can make edits. NOTE we haven’t learned to do this yet and likely won’t until in much higher grades.

    • To date we have only added a picture with audio

    • We are currently writing an Autobiography using “Google Classroom”


  • Google Drive (This is our file cabinet!): To log in follow the steps at

    • Students have a folder called “Classroom”. Any assignments they have added will be located in this folder. To date all students should have access to a page called “Who Am I”. This is the page they are using to create their autobiography for their Blog.

    • Some students have begun a group project writing about their animal research. All students will be doing this early next week.

  • Google Classroom: We are doing some of our work using Google Classroom! Access it by:

    • Log in to Google Drive as shown above

    • Click on the 3x3 grid beside their picture or name and select more at the bottom of the drop down menu

    • The bottom left of the menu will show a green icon with a yellow frame. This is Google classroom. Click the icon.

    • Students can now see the classes they are assigned to and join new classes. Our classes have special codes that we provide the students so that they have the classes they need and they are secure.

    • Some projects are joint, meaning more than one child is working in the same document as in our animal research. Some are individual like our autobiography where only your child has access.

    • When assignments are complete and ready for the teacher the child clicks submit.

  • Internet Safety: We are discussing internet safety each time we use technology. This is a great opportunity for you to also have these conversations. Our blogs are password protected and can only be seen by those we share it with. At this time we are only looking at our own. In time we will begin to share with our classmates to get feedback on our projects and learning. The teachers are always overseeing the posts and comments.

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