Character Building

We have a vision that all of our students will become confident, competent, and caring individuals who demonstrate solid character and are able to positively impact their school, families and communities.

We believe everyone can be a leader with strong character.

All that we do as a school must lead to preparing, equipping and empowering all students to, through strong character and leadership, make a difference in this world.

Effort and success in this area is truly worth joyful celebration in our school.


Here are 7 Key Elements for Implementing Character at School:

  • Believe It and Model It: Breathe life into the James Baldwin quote: “The children are ours. Every single one of them… children have never been very good at listening to their elders but have never failed to imitate them.”

  • Name It: Give the intangible and often-unnamed a name. Only by labeling and talking about character traits can we embark on the journey to develop them.

  • Find It: Introduce kids to real-world and fictional examples that display the various character strengths.

  • Feel It: Help kids and adults feel the positive effects of focusing on, and developing, their own character strengths.

  • Integrate It: Create dual-purpose experiences and lessons that involve the character strengths.

  • Encourage It: Provide people with growth mindset praise (i.e., precise, descriptive praise) around character.

  • Track It: Record and discuss progress toward character goals regularly.

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