Active Care

As a school, our first and foremost responsibility is to provide a caring environment for everyone in our community.  This commitment of care becomes the foundation for learning and leadership development.

Here are a few ways we care for our learners:

  • School-Wide Positive Behaviour Interventions & Supports (PBIS). Our School's expectations are: Be Safe, Be Kind. Be Responsible.
  • Ensuring the physical environment is welcoming and meets the needs of students and adults.
  • Maintaining a positive, joy-filled and safe culture through the mindful use of words, tone, and body language, and taking advantage of every opportunity to build relationships with everyone in the community.
  • Paying attention to children’s emotions and always, especially in discipline, treating people with respect and dignity, working toward reconciliation and helping students resolve problems by doing what is right.
  • Taking time and initiating programs to support students’ social needs, teaching them social skills and setting them up for success in their relationships with peers and adults.
  • Caring for the children’s needs for physical activity, mental well-being, and nutrition.
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