Accessing Parent Portal - Tips

Accessing Student Marks on the Parent Portal:

*For  Detailed walk through access the Parent Portal Handbook

  • Open the Parent Portal at the top of our school website
  • Log in using your username and password (if you’re having difficulty contact our school office)
  • Click the grades and attendance tab


    • To view assignments click the [i] under the term you are wishing to see (we are currently in T1). This should open the assignments page

      • Clicking on the blue speech bubble should bring up comments I have written. Any item you are able to click should lead you to more information.
      • At this time you should be able to see marks in LA for Dinosaur research, Constructive Feedback and The Witches Reflections and the Social Test in Social.
      • There is a more detailed procedural page at


        *Again, if you’re having issues please let me know. This is new to us at the school and we are working out the details. Your feedback is very helpful as we make this a useful communication tool between home and school.

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