Character Education

Most parents/guardians have great hopes and goals for their children, and these most often involve not only financial success and independence, but even more importantly aspects of strong character. Our parents/guardians have identified the following character traits for us to focus on and encourage this year at school.


  • Honesty: I tell the truth even when it is difficult.
  • Kindness: I treat other people well.
  • Respect: I value others and treat them accordingly.
  • Confidence: I am not afraid to ask questions, do what is right, or do my best.
  • Creativity: I think outside the box and embrace new ideas.
  • Thankfulness: I show gratitude for what I have.
  • Empathy: I work to understand other people's perspectives and feelings.
  • Perseverance: I see things through until the end in spite of fear, obstacles discouragement, and opposition.
  • Integrity: What I do and say is always consistent with what I believe.
  • Responsibility: I can be counted on to keep my promises and do my job.


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