Student Behaviour – Code of Conduct


  • We are all members of our school community.

  • We are all responsible for creating a positive school culture.

  • We are all responsible for our words, actions and attitudes.

  • We all benefit when we know what is expected of us.

In order to build a positive and caring school culture at Cooper’s Crossing School, we as a school must be clear about what we expect of the people in our building, both children and adults, and we must communicate those expectations in a clear, understandable way.

At Cooper’s Crossing School, our Code of Conduct has three pillars.  We expect all members of the Cooper’s Crossing School community to be:

  • Caring

  • Respectful, and

  • Safe

Caring: At every point, we expect all members of our school community, adults and children, to be aware of others and to keep their needs and feelings in mind, and to act in their best interests.  It is essential that we take care of each other, physically and emotionally.

Respectful: Respect has to do with value.  When we have something of value, we take care it.  We protect it from danger and harm.  When we value people, we speak well of them and protect them, in body and reputation.  We listen to what they have to say, take them seriously, speak well of them, address them with honesty, and honour their opinion.  What is important to them is important to us.  It is an expectation that the members of our school community will treat others, both peers and those in positions of authority, our school and our community with respect.  (People, Property and Position)

Safe: It’s important to take care of ourselves and others, and to avoid situations, actions and activities that might cause harm in any way.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Note: Staff and students will help define what each of the three aspects of the code looks like in each part of the school (hallway, bathroom, classroom, office, gym, etc.).

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