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Our school draws kindergarten to grade 5 students who reside in Cooper’s Crossing, Morningside, and Hillcrest areas; however, some grade 5's attend Windsong Heights School . . .

In the 2018-19 year, the grade 5 students who attend Cooper's Crossing include:

  • all those who live in Hillcrest or Southpoint,
  • any who live in Morningside and Cooper's Crossing, and
  • those with younger siblings in our school.

All other grade 5 students attend Windsong Heights School.

2018-19 Grade 5's - (check this for a visual)

In the 2019-20 year and following, once the Hillcrest school is built, we will remain a K-5 school, serving Cooper's Crossing and Morningside communities

(Grade 6-8 students in these areas attend Windsong Heights School.)

Please check the Airdrie Area Map on the Rocky View website.


Registrations for 2018-2019

NOTE: Parents may enroll their child in Kindergarten in their designated school provided the child is five years of age by the last day of February of the school year the child begins Kindergarten, or not older than 6 years of age on September 1. Students who are six years of age on or before the last day of February will be admitted to Grade One.

Please register by going online on the form called SchoolEngage (LINK). Choose "Create New Account" at the bottom left if you don't already have a child in this division. If you have any difficulty with registration or any further questions about registering, please contact us at 403.945.4137.

As you complete the registration, you will need to attach scanned copies of:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of address of residence (Purchase or Rental Agreement, Utility Bill showing your name and address)
  • Any custody documents, if applicable
  • Any documents of student learning that may help us in providing supports to students


RVS's Important Information regarding Registration:
2018-19 Welcome Letter
OnTrack January 2018
School Bus Information
Early Childhood Services

Out of Area Application

Parents who want to register their child in a school other than the one they have been designated to attend, must complete an Out of Attendance Area Application Form.

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